Thursday, May 6, 2010

Single Mom

My husband got done planting corn last night and only has 120 acres of beans left. I can't wait until he is done and will be home more. Payton and I miss him dearly. There are two times a year when I am on my own. Planting and Harvest....They are a huge part of his job and I completely understand that, but that doesn't mean I always like it. Running errands, CCD, Master's Classes, school meetings, full-time job, etc. are much harder to accomplish on a daily basis since having Payton. With Brandon around to get Payton ready in the morning and help entertain her during supper is huge. It makes my life 50 x easier. Thank goodness he doesn't have a job that requires him to work those hours all year long! I would never make it.

I know it is really hard on Brandon too. He misses Payton terribly during those stressful and busy times as well, and I hope he misses me too! LOL...
He calls just to listen to Payton jabber on the other end. It is so funny, because Payton cries when I hang up the phone and put in on the receiver. She acts like she wasn't done and had more to say!

And just like her father! She is full of energy, loving and a turd! When she wants something she will make sure she gets if from you one w
ay or the other. She is demanding, but so damn cute I cave every time!
Payton is crawling all over our house. I have gates up and doors closed, but she still gets into trouble. Brandon forgot to close bathroom door and I came around the corner and she was reaching for the heater (which was on) and scared me half to death.
Last week she crawled off my bed and fell head first onto a plastic tub that was sticking out from under the bed, last month she crawled off our step down to the dining room and busted her lip open! I know this makes me sound like a terrible mom, but with everything she did, she only cried for seconds. I was the one a wreck for days...weeks....on wait..I still am!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother/Daughter Banquet

Last night was the Mother/Daughter Banquet at the Country Club in Elkader. It was a lot of fun and the food was excellent! Payton was crawling all over the place and she was so happy to see all her grandma's and her aunts.
Here are some pictures. I had to crop Great Grandma Donlon out of one of them because she looked all blurry like a ghost (hummmmm...). LOL

After nights like these it reminds me how important family is no matter how crazy they are! Put aside the ups and downs life throws you and grab those that are close to you and cherish them with all you have. You never know what is around the corner of life and you don't want to regret anything....

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