Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pulling at my heart strings....

In my sixth grade science classes, students are presenting on a genetic or inherited disease. They put in a lot of work and effort to wow me with their technological and intellectual abilities.
These presentations are amazing and full of important information, although I find myself tearing up during each one.
I know what some of these children and parents have been through. The feedings, surgeries, hospital stays, etc. In 85% of the presentations, I found myself telling students that Payton has that or had that done to her. In the stories they shared about the trial and error to find the right diagnosis is right up our alley.
Anyway, I just feel like these presentations are a great way for students to see what others have to go through and to count their blessings. They are so lucky they have a "normal" life. Pray for cures and hope for all those affected by things they can't control over the holidays!

Hug and kiss the ones you love the most! Here's one of mine!