Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barge Situation UPDATED

They are unloading the punctured barge full of corn into an empty barge that is anchored next to the barge. I hope they can get everything cleaned up before the weather comes!

Barge Hits Lock and Dam 10 UPDATE...

Story at KWWL

Help has arrived....another tugboat and a crane!
I asked the students how they think the crane will solve the problem... They said, "The crane will lift the whole barge out of the water and then they will drag it to the repair shop!" Hummm -Jill

Barge Hits Lock and Dam 10

On windy Thursday, April 29, 2010 a large barge hit the end of Lock and Dam #10 as it proceeded down river. The school heard a loud boom and everyone was buzzing with anticipation. "What caused the boom? Is everyone okay?" Come to find was a barge! Classes progressed outside to watch the mayhem. Teachers taught their students about the Mississippi habitat and what would happen if the barge sunk. "What would happen to the river life if the barge was carrying coal?" and many more questions. The students had all types of answers and many of their own questions. It was a genuine "teachable moment" for Clayton Ridge. As a teacher, I have no idea what will happen to the barge. Another barge came and anchored the wrecked barge and slowed the sinking....
Update when I know more!
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