Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Update on Peanut :)

Had to share this!
Steph got Payton these 12 mon. shorts for her 1st birthday…….they finally fit right before her 4th birthday! LOL  

Little update on Peanut----She is still getting her feedings through the g-tube in her stomach 5 times a day. We have to increase her caloric intake because she grew! (YEAH) She will still eat some through her mouth, but can't sustain herself. We have a good routine down and she flourished her 1st year of preschool. At the beginning of the year we saw delays in her physical ability to perform and now her stamina to color, write and play at school are great but we are starting to see some small delays in her name writing and alphabet learning.

I can't believe she will be 4 in July. My, how time flies! I know a lot of you still think and pray for Payton and you don't know how much that means to us. Without the "silent" support, we wouldn't be where we are.

My goal was to have the g-tube gone by kindergarten in 2 years (we are keeping her in preschool until then) but realistically, it will probably be later, but it is still something to shoot for.
We are now trying a special powder in her water that has calories. It's not going so well, but we are adding it to all her foods as well. Payton had her first incident with being small at her gymnastics recital. She came up to me and said with a big pout, "Mommy…..those girls over there are calling me small and I don't like that!" LOL Hard not to laugh at her attitude. Lots more of that to come in the future!

Thanks for your support and prayers….keep em coming so this little peanut will be g-tube free.

Brandon, Jill, Payton and Weston Stannard

ps….Weston is a brute….my bull in a china shop!

Lunch Time for Payton

I get asked daily if they are twins! LOL

Anything I've done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death. -Betty Bender

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