Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mistakes have been made....

Happy HALLOWEEN everyone!

What do adults do on Halloween? Well, usually they get a babysitter and go out with friends to celebrate a time of the year when you can dress up as something or someone e
lse for a couple of hours.

Well, I did just that last night. I can say I had a good time, but there were some bumps in the road of celebration.

Which leads me to my topic for tonight....Mistakes

Sometimes people have problems and make mistakes. Everyone of us can say that statement is true. BUT...when we make mistakes, especially when we make them more than once or numerous times, people have a hard time supporting or wanting to be around us. We are all quick to judge (I do it too) and tell people what they should do about it. We think that if someone has a problem and is telling you about it, then a solution must be expressed. Well,
sometimes it would be nice to hear, "I know you and your family is dealing with this right now and if you want any help I will be there for you."

That plays true to more than one situation in my life right now. I feel that my family is doing the best they can and our love for one another will trump. Patience and understanding are what build friendships and relationships.

I know I have made mistakes with Payton's health and I do wish I could take bad forgetting to hook her up at night because I am so freakin' tired that I can't pull myself out of bed to complete the 15 min. chore. I know that is so horrible and I stress about it for days after. I
justify my actions by telling myself she ate well that day (which she did) but she still needs those feedings for extra calories. Sometimes we all make mistakes and wishing them back won't help the situation. My husband is the only one who truly understand what it feels like to feel resentment toward Payton at night when we wake up at midnight and she isn't hooked up because we fell asleep. It isn't her fault.....but it is what we have to deal with and we are not perfect and don't pretend to be. It is just human nature to feel resentment toward something you don't like to do, but have too.

Someone very close to me has some mistakes to overcome right now as well. They have a good soul and their love runs deep. I wish I could justify their actions, but it is only one person's problem, theirs. Will their family be there to provide love, patience and understanding, YES....but they will know that this is not our problem but theirs.

One can't help someone until that someone wants help.

Until life style changes are made, things will not change. Won't it be nice if you told that to someone and they make the life adjustments and became the person you thought they should be???

Sorry, life doesn't work that way. God only gives us what we can handle. How much can you stand to deal with before you wash your hands of people with problems. I know GOD gave me a lot of understanding and patience for certa
in people in my life that need my help, patience and understanding. That doesn't mean I don't lose patience and faith in people sometimes, but I also reflect on what kind of person I am and how important love and understanding are. God puts people into your life and you into others lives for a reason. Embrace the challenge and let your love shine.

It would be so nice if we were all conditioned to learn from our mistakes the first time and never do it again. Sometimes it takes making a mistake several times with different severity to make the changes. Do people get hurt a long the way, well sure, but one can't dwell on that. Once changes have been made and mistakes aren't being repeated numerous times, the ones left standing next to you are the ones that GOD gave to you to be in your life.

ps....learn to listen to others problems. Don't give so many damn solutions, but offer support and comforting words. "Let me know if you need anything, do you want to do lunch to talk?, etc."

Of course, these are my opinions and are subject to change. :)

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